The Best Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Over a decade of experience to clean your exhaust systems

We clean every nook and crevice without any damage

Our exceptional skills in exhaust cleaning ensures that your residential and commercial kitchen functions safely and reliably. Our professional team helps you maintain hygienically optimal food preparation standards.

Our kitchen hood cleaning also resolves any fire hazard. Whether you have a gas burner or a traditional wood-burning oven, we have the expertise and products to clear it to perfection.

We make sure that your entire kitchen exhaust system is thoroughly cleaned without any compromises.

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Clark mason


Impressed with their kitchen cleaning service I will work with then again


Jane Emerson


Their cleaning service is fantastic and the whole team has a can-do attitude. Highly recommend them!


Emma Perez


Our kitchen exhausts, floors, hoods, and everything is cleaned and sanitized so well. Highly recommend!

Meticulous, thorough, and exceptional cleaning solutions

We promise targeted kitchen exhaust cleaning in Toronto, improved air quality, and visible results.

Hood Cleaning

We offer restaurant hood cleaning service in Toronto, that is both thorough and code compliant. You can expect our team to carry out a procedural cleaning plan which includes removing the ducts, removing superficial grease and dust, pressure washing inside-out, drying, and putting them back up.

Range Hood Filters

Whether it is commercial kitchen hood cleaning or regular hood cleaning in Brampton, we are just a call away. We can assure you that your range-hood filters will be clean, covered in rust repellent, and completely dry once our crew is done with the cleaning.

Kitchen Exhaust Duct

Kitchen exhaust cleaning in Toronto is our specialty. We use industrial-grade grease remover across the greasy exhaust to dislodge anything clinging to the duct. The duct is then left to cure, after which one of our professionals will use a plastic scraper to get unwanted grime and dirt off the exhaust. This is followed by proper cleaning and drying of the exhaust before we give you the go-ahead to use it.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

As reputed kitchen exhaust cleaners in Markham, we include all parts of the exhaust and hood in the cleaning detail. The exhaust fans are a crucial part of the system. We first spray the fan with grease removers, clean and wipe the fan once the grease, webs, and dirt have been dislodged, and clean it once again with a hand-held brush for a detailed clean. Once the fan is clean the washed and dried filters are installed back into place.

Our Approach

As kitchen exhaust and duct cleaners in Brampton, we are licensed to issue reports for the work completed. While domestic kitchens do not undergo industrial inspections by the health department, we maintain the same standards throughout. For a commercial kitchen, the report issued by our team encapsulates the work completed in detail. Our experts create a detailed account of all areas, appliances and surfaces cleaned including difficult-to-reach portions of kitchen equipment and the structure.

The reports issued by us have certified documents that verify whether you have had a health code-compliant cleaning done professionally. Since we are known for being kitchen exhaust cleaners in Mississauga and around, you can rely on our work to be detailed both in cleaning and the written documentation.

Our Experience

We are proud of what we have learned over the years and the projects we have completed. Government-infrastructure, schools, restaurants, hospitals, homes, and apartments- you name it, and we have worked on it. We have been completing kitchen exhaust cleaning in Hamilton and surrounding locations for over 10 years and we put everything we have learned and upgraded over these years to use in your kitchen regardless of its size.

Why our commercial kitchen hood cleaning in Toronto is the right choice?
We as a kitchen hood cleaning Toronto business, understand the seriousness of our work. Apart from getting you through inspections, we are aware of the impact our work quality has on the health of people working in the kitchen and the people eating at your restaurant.

Discount Hood Cleaners

A professional team, state-of-the-art tools, and dependable services for your convenience

We aren’t just focused on kitchen duct cleaning in Markham but your entire kitchen. Soot, smoke stains, grease, ash, food-residue, clogged filters- there’s nothing in your kitchen that our crew cannot clean

More About Us 10 Years

Our Recent Projects

Following is our work gallery that has been gathered throughout our service tenure. All these images portray our level of expertise, our diligence to work, and the final result that the user experiences.