We have been in the restaurant hood cleaning in the Toronto industry for more than a decade. Over the years, cleaning systems have developed into efficient and functional plans for commercial and residential kitchens.

The cleaning crew that reaches your commercial kitchen is aware of the standards followed by health inspectors and, as such, curate a kitchen cleaning plan that delivers a deep-clean for the ducts, exhausts, range-hoods, and everything in between. There are severe repercussions to sloppy cleaning in the restaurant business. As a responsible cleaning business built on providing quality to our customers, we stay up-to-date on our cleaning systems, tools, and techniques.

As a reputable Kitchen hood cleaning service in Toronto, we are committed to maintaining the status quo in the industry. We evolve with the changing challenges of a commercial or even a residential kitchen. Our goal is to accommodate the customer while maintaining quality standards unmatched by any other in the business.

If you choose to hire us for after-hour services, we will adjust the schedule accordingly. However, you can expect our team to continue a thorough cleaning routine without disrupting your activities during operational hours. In this regard, residential kitchens are often empty when our team is on the job.

Nevertheless, if you are working on-site, you can expect our team to be highly professional and diligent with their job.

Our approach

As kitchen exhaust and duct cleaners in Brampton, we are licensed to issue reports for the work completed. While domestic kitchens do not undergo industrial inspections by the health department, we maintain the same standards throughout.

For a commercial kitchen, the report issued by our team encapsulates the work completed in detail. Our experts create a detailed account of all areas, appliances, and surfaces cleaned, including difficult-to-reach portions of kitchen equipment and the structure.

The reports issued by us have certified documents that verify whether you have had a health code-compliant cleaning done professionally. Since we are known for being kitchen exhaust cleaners in Mississauga and around, you can rely on our work to be detailed both in cleaning and the written documentation.


We are proud of what we have learned over the years and the projects we have completed. Government-infrastructure, schools, restaurants, hospitals, homes, and apartments- you name it, and we have worked on it. We have been completing kitchen exhaust cleaning in Hamilton and surrounding locations for over ten years. We put everything we have learned and upgraded over these years to use in your kitchen regardless of its size.

Why our commercial kitchen hood cleaning in Toronto is the right choice

We, as a kitchen hood cleaning Toronto business, understand the seriousness of our work. Apart from getting you through inspections, we are aware of the impact our work quality has on people working in the kitchen and the people eating at your restaurant.