Our kitchen hood cleaning services in Toronto are focused on cleaning out the hoods in your commercial or residential kitchens. The hood is an essential installation that directly removes fumes from the stoves and disperses them through the exhaust duct.

This makes the hood extra greasy, oily, and contaminated with food particles that impact its efficiency.

During the training phase, our crew learns about the different kitchen hood models on the market and how to clean them efficiently. This helps us deliver impeccable cleaning services for the most crucial part of the entire exhaust system. Our team will customize their cleaning procedure depending on the condition of the hood and the model (removable parts or not).

Our restaurant hood cleaning in Markham differs from regular domestic cleaning services. This can be attributed to the size of the equipment in place and the type used by homeowners and restauranters.

Our cleaners are well versed in the operational mechanisms of commercial kitchen hoods and how they collect grime, dirt, oils, and grease from the kitchen’s atmosphere.

Our adherence to procedural cleaning makes our work extremely effective. The entire hood, duct, and exhaust vent are dusted, cleaned, and covered in grease remover which stays on for a designated time. Then it is removed using scrapers and pressure washers to ensure an in-depth cleaning.

After this, the entire system is brushed and dried to be assembled for use. We promise visible results and our domestic or restaurant hood cleaning in Toronto services ensure that our customers are satisfied with what they see.

For hood cleaning, you can get a quote from us before we start working together. We are just a call away