Kitchen exhaust cleaning (also called hood cleaning) is an exercise to remove excess junk (grease and dirt) accumulated inside the fans, hoods, ducts of the system of commercial kitchens. According to the research done by kitchen experts, a kitchen owner and his staff need to keep a regular check-up on the exhaust system’s cleanliness to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned in and out. It is devoid of any greasy material. The fan and the duct system should be checked roughly after every 6 to 12 months, depending on your insurance policy.

Some kitchen exhaust systems usually get messy, disruptive, and dirty only after a short period of time (one month) after a cleaning session using traditional filters. Remember, any excess build-up can become a prominent root cause for any hazardous incident mostly related to fire.

Sadly, it’s very common for a vent hood cleaning company you called in to clean the parts of the system superficially and exclude out some precise details that cannot be seen with a visible eye. They only prefer to clean the vent hood itself in some cases. To help you guys in fixing this problem, we took out some of our time at research on this topic and luckily came up with a list of quick inspection you and your staff can perform immediately after the cleaning, to get well aware of the performance given by the hood cleaning workers and if your kitchen exhaust system is cleaned properly or not. 

How to inspect your kitchen exhaust cleaning immediately after teamwork?

One of the most expensive and precious pieces you got is your kitchen exhaust system, so ultimately, it needs your extra attention and best care. Indeed, cleaning the exhaust system is not so easy, and it can be daunting for you sometimes. Many restaurant kitchen owners hired many big vent cleaning companies to check their systems daily. I think it is a good thing to make sure that your expensive stuff is getting enough care as it requires, also it will allow you to take more on different areas of restaurants such as on customer care and food serving.

For the first time, when you hire some new vent cleaning company, rely on them completely, give an overview of their work, keep an eye on them for a short time period that have they done and inspect your system to make sure it was cleaned in and out thoroughly. By this, you will be able to get sure with the idea of whether to hire a new company or the current one is good enough for your kitchen exhaust system cleaning.

Here are some areas you should inspect post-cleaning:


Look out for the floors and leftover grease/film from the cleaning.

A responsible and accountable kitchen hood cleaning will mop out your whole kitchen floors surrounding the hoods and vents after a cleaning session. The safety of your staff members should be prioritized.

 Look for a polished hood.

In case of streaks, splashes of grease, or fingerprints left unwashed. Call the hood cleaning company and command them to whitewash the place perfectly. Also, be sure that the inside area of the hood and vent are perfectly free of grease.

Give a brief check on the baffle filter and ducts.

Remove the filter and throw a shining flashlight directly into the ducts to check if they are thoroughly cleaned and no greasy material is left behind. If you see any unusual particles, call the company to get them done flawlessly.

Look at your kitchen equipment for any new damage potentially done by the workers.

An accountable cleaning company will notify you immediately if any damage has been done by their cleaners and take full responsibility to correct or reverse their given damage.

Inspect the rooftop fan.

If you have rooftop access or access to the exhaust fans is available, make sure to check that the fan itself was cleaned to any bare metal as well. (remember to shut the fan off before giving it a check permanently)

Grease debris should be cleaned up immediately in case of crowding to avoid any damage to the fan and its components. While you are on the top, please give a detailed view of whether it has been neatly clean and left undamaged.

Check that all dirt and greasy material were collected appropriately.

If you see any grease has spilled, it needs to be cleaned up immediately so that no further damage to the roof or the environment could occur.

Look over all the vents (rooftop, hood vents, etc.) for grease, dirt, and leftover food particles.

For your kitchen to do its best once again, all you need is to ensure that all the vents are thoroughly cleaned and undamaged.

Lastly, check on your water pipes and grease tracks.

In the end, do not forget to look upon the grease tracks to ensure they are not choked and well-drained by the cleaners.

Here is a small tip for you people regarding filters!

Shephard filters are used to guess when your system is dirty. Using these filters, you are ultimately saving yourself from a regular check on your hoods, vents, and ducts. However, a little inspection and a bit of cleaning are only required when it is got dirty, and that’s all you need to do by using Shephard filters.


A Complete Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Inspection can be done by following the given above instructions and looking up to your kitchen exhaust system’s critical areas. After a detailed kitchen cleaning done by our Discount Hood Cleaners, you probably get a better sense of the if you see your kitchen was treated respectfully. Always remember to hire a reputable and much-trusted hood vent cleaning company, which would treat your kitchen exhaust system as their property.